(SnapBots News Review) Top Crypto News of the Week

Here is a summary of this week’s news.

1) Elon Musk Suggests Tesla May Have Sold Bitcoin; Market Drops Again
The price of Bitcoin plummets, sometimes falling below $45,000, right after Elon Musk hinted that Tesla might have sold the coin. Read more.

2) FDIC and BOFA Exploring “Current And Potential Use Cases Of Digital Assets”
According to a Bloomberg report on Monday, Bank of America has joined Paxos Settlement Service, a platform capable of same-day settlement of stock trades using blockchain technology. Kevin McCarthy, head of financing and clearing, said the bank “has been conducting internal transactions for the past few months” and would offer the service to Bank of America clients upon approval as a clearing agency. Read more.

3) The Battle Between Doge and Shiba
Amid the high number of altcoins in the market, investors have their eyes on two new pup-based altcoins: Doge and Shiba. The said coins have blown up in recent days with SHIB’s price jumping after being listed in Binance. Which dog meme is here to stay? Read more.

4) Tesla Is Likely to Accept “Green” Cryptocurrency for Payments
Elon Musk shocked the crypto world on May 13 when he announced that Tesla will no longer allow Bitcoin payments for Tesla until Bitcoin mining becomes more environmentally friendly. Although Tesla waits for Bitcoin to switch to green energy, Musk says the company will look into “other cryptocurrencies” that use less than 1% of Bitcoin’s energy per transaction. Read more.


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Relatively new crypto-enthusiast | Exploring the world of altcoins, blockchains, and trading | Not a financial advisor | Follow me on Twitter: @crypton15610517

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Relatively new crypto-enthusiast | Exploring the world of altcoins, blockchains, and trading | Not a financial advisor | Follow me on Twitter: @crypton15610517

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